What is the best job to get in California?

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  • on Dec 20, 2021

What is the best job to get in California? 

100 Top Paying Jobs in California
Occupation Title 2022 Median Wage
Hourly Annual
Nurse Practitioners $74.66 $155,305
Human Resources Managers $68.78 $143,060
Administrative Law Judges, Adjudicators, and Hearing Officers $67.17 $139,724

What is the highest paying trade job in California? 

The Highest-Paid Trade Jobs
  • Radiation Therapists.
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologists.
  • Dental Hygienists.
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians.
  • Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Technicians.
  • Boilermakers.
  • Construction and Building Inspectors.
  • Electricians.

What are the top 5 jobs in California? 

  • Nurse Anesthetist.
  • General Pediatrician.
  • Architectural & Engineering Managers.
  • Natural Science Managers.
  • Computer & Information Systems Managers.
  • Get Hired in the Golden State.

What is the easiest job that pays the most? 

16 high paying simple jobs
  1. Word processor. National average salary: $47,119 per year.
  2. Notary Public. National average salary: $47,835 per year.
  3. Purchasing agent. National average salary: $49,376 per year.
  4. Groundskeeper. National average salary: $50,475 per year.
  5. Accounting clerk.
  6. Librarian.
  7. Appraiser.
  8. Garbage truck driver.

What is a low stress high paying job?

According to data that FinanceBuzz compiled from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), some low-stress jobs that typically yield a six-figure salary include mathematician, software developer, political scientist, physicist, chemical engineer, astronomer, and

What is the laziest job in the world?

If You Think You’re Lazy Then These 15 Jobs Are Perfect For You
  1. Professional foreigner. If you can suit up well and shake hands firmly, then you could get employed in China.
  2. Professional cuddler.
  3. Hotel sleep tester.
  4. Beer taster.
  5. Video game tester.
  6. Sleep study participant.
  7. Movie extra.
  8. Dog walker.

What easy jobs make 100K a year?

Jobs Paying Over $100K, With Only 2 to 4 Years of College
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager.
  • Marketing Manager.
  • Sales Manager.
  • Human Resources Manager.
  • Purchasing Manager.
  • Air Traffic Controller.
  • Medical or Health Services Manager.
  • Computer Network Architect.

What jobs pay the most with no experience?

9 High-Paying Jobs That Require Little or No Experience
  1. Transit and railroad police. If you care about the safety of others then you might be interested in a career in law enforcement.
  2. Claims adjuster.
  3. Web developer.
  4. Power plant operator.
  5. Elevator installers.
  6. Nuclear technician.
  7. Radiation therapist.
  8. Construction manager.

What is the least stressful job?

Least-stressful jobs
  • Hairstylist: 6.72.
  • Audiologist: 7.28.
  • University professor (tenured): 8.42.
  • Medical records technician: 8.52.
  • Jeweler: 9.
  • Operations research analyst: 9.09.
  • Pharmacy technician: 9.19.
  • Massage therapist: 10:39.

What job makes 100K a year?

Jobs That Pay $100k a Year: An Overview
Job Average Salary
Engineering Manager $152,350
Senior Accounts Manager $131,710
Computer and Information Research Scientist $131,490
Petroleum Engineer $130,850

What careers make 500k a year?

  • Actor/Actress.
  • Physician/Surgeon.
  • Chief Executive Officer.
  • Author.
  • Investment Banker.
  • Lawyer.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Engineering Manager.

What jobs pay a million a year?

Jobs that better your chances of becoming a millionaire
  • Professional athlete.
  • Investment banker.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Lawyer.
  • Certified public accountant.
  • Insurance agent.
  • Engineer.
  • Real estate agent.

How can I make 200k a year without college?

3 jobs that can pay $200k a year
  1. Real estate associate.
  2. Voice-over artist.
  3. Business owner.
  4. Inspector.
  5. Makeup artist.
  6. Sales representative.
  7. Web developer.
  8. Truck driver.

What job makes the most money?

The highest-paying job in the world, in a traditional sense, holds the number one spot in this article: anesthesiologist. They are also the only job listed above $300,000 a year. The list, however, does not take into account mega-CEOs like Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos, who make considerably more than that.

How much is 200k a year hourly?

If you make $200,000 per year, your hourly salary would be $96.15. This result is obtained by multiplying your base salary by the amount of hours, week, and months you work in a year, assuming you work 40 hours a week.

How can I make 6 figures without a degree?

Opportunities are out there for you too, if you’re ready to take them.
  1. Air traffic controller.
  2. Commercial Pilot.
  3. Construction Manager.
  4. Elevator Installer and Repairer.
  5. Police Officer.
  6. Power Plant Operator.
  7. Water Transportation Worker.

What are some 7 figure jobs?

Top 7 figure salary jobs
  • Business owners. Being a business owner provides the highest likelihood of making 7 figures because no one is standing in your way!
  • CEOs and C-level executives.
  • Corporate lawyers.
  • Sales executives.
  • Investment bankers.
  • YouTubers.
  • Actors and actresses.
  • Professional athletes.

How can I make 150k a year without a degree?

11 well-paying jobs without a bachelor’s degree
  1. Site superintendent.
  2. Risk manager.
  3. Sales director.
  4. Product manager.
  5. Information systems manager.
  6. Radiation therapist.
  7. Senior real estate manager.
  8. Technical program manager.

What jobs make 200k a year?

Jobs with $200,000 average pay
  • Associate dentist.
  • General physician.
  • General surgeon.
  • Gastroenterologist.
  • Chief medical officer.
  • Otolaryngologist.
  • Periodontist.
  • Dermatologist.

How can I make 300k?

If you want to earn a high salary, look at some of the jobs that pay $300,000 a year to the top earners.
  1. Radiologist.
  2. Chief executive officer (CEO)
  3. Chief financial officer (CFO)
  4. Principal software architect.
  5. Obstetrics and gynecology physician.
  6. Emergency medicine physician.
  7. Psychiatrist.
  8. Physician.

How can I make 150k a year?

Typically, these jobs require a high degree of education and training, and you may not start off making over $150,000 per year.

The following jobs pay $150,000 a year or more:

  1. Midwife.
  2. Chief executive officer (CEO)
  3. Corporate controller.
  4. Podiatrist.
  5. Corporate counsel.
  6. Optometrist.
  7. Data scientist.

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