What months are best for whale watching in Southern California?

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  • on May 15, 2022

What months are best for whale watching in Southern California? If you’re interested in gray whales, humpback whales, dolphins, and sea lions, Turner suggests coming down to Southern California any time between January and April. For blue whales and finback whales, try May through September.

Where to whale watch in Southern California? 

Best Whale Watching Spots in Southern California
  • Point Loma in Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego.
  • Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, San Diego.
  • Ellen Browning Scripps Park, La Jolla.
  • Bluffs above Blacks Beach, La Jolla.
  • Bluffs in Torrey Pines State Beach.
  • Seagrove Park above Del Mar Beach.

What time of day is best for whale watching in Southern California? Morning is the best time of day for whale watching in California. Weather is the key component to ideal whale watching conditions. Typically, there is less wind in the morning making for calmer seas, which is most enjoyable for both marine life and boat tours.

Are there whales in Southern California now? Finback Whale – The second largest animal on Earth, the Finback Whale can reach over 78 feet and 60 tons. This baleen whale can be found off Southern California year-round but are most abundant in the summer and fall months. Finbacks can eat up to 3 tons a day and specialize in catching small fin bait fish and krill.

When can you see whales in Laguna Beach?

When to See Blue Whales in Laguna Beach. Little is known of their migration patterns, but the best months to see blue whales in Southern California is May-September when they are frequently spotted off Laguna Beach’s coastline.

Are there orcas in Southern California?

While orcas are rare to see in Southern California, they do make a few appearances each year to the amazement of many lucky whale watchers that happen to be on boats during that time.

Are whales migrating now in California?

Gray whales are migrating along California’s coast right now. Here’s where to see them. A baby gray whale swims with its mother off Dana Point. The gray whales are back, hugging the California coast while they make their 10,000-mile journey from Alaska to breed in the warm-water lagoons of Baja, Mexico, and back.

Where are the whales migrating now?

September – October | Southward Whale Migration

Gray whales begin to leave their Arctic feeding grounds in September, migrating south along the coastline to breed and calve in Baja California, Mexico. Gray whales travel at approximately 5 miles per hour and average about 75 miles a day.

What is the best time to go whale watching in Newport Beach?

Best Season for Whale Watching: Newport Beach

May through November brings warmer waters and the opportunity to view blue whales. Throughout the year, you can observe dolphins, seals and some of nature’s most incredible mammals at play.

Can you see whales in March in California?

Orcas are generally most plentiful between February and April. In general, March and April will have the best combination of plenty of gray whales and orcas as well as better weather (less rain and storms), which make for a more pleasant whale watching experience in California.

What is the best month to go whale watching?

When is the best time to view the whales? The best time of year to view Orca whales is in May through September. If you’re looking for humpback whales then we suggest September through January.

When can you see whales in Santa Barbara?

Late spring through early fall, the Santa Barbara Channel offers regular sightings of humpback whales and the largest mammal on earth, the colossal blue whale. You might also spot the shy minke whale, fin whale, Pacific white-sided dolphin, coastal bottlenose dolphin and rissos dolphin.

Can you see whales in San Diego in March?

Humpback, minke, and fin whales can be seen off the coast of San Diego year-round. Blue whale season is in the summer, usually from May to August. But the best months to see whales in San Diego are mid-December to mid-March, when the gray whales migrate from Alaska to Mexico and back.

What is the best time of day to see whales in San Diego?

The best time of day for whale watching in San Diego is in the morning. The sea is usually calmer compared to other times of the day. Also, perfect sea and weather conditions make it easier to spot whales from a greater distance.

Are there whales in La Jolla?

La Jolla attracts thousands of prospective tourists every year looking to catch excellent views during whales’ annual migration trip. Every winter, more than 20,000 Pacific gray whales travel 12,000 miles round-trip from Alaska to Baja California traveling alongside La Jolla cliffs and beyond the coastline.

Can you see whales from La Jolla?

La Jolla. One well-loved spot for shoreline whale watching in San Diego is actually La Jolla. Try scanning the waters near Ellen Browning Scripps Park above La Jolla Cove, from the cliffs of Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve and Torrey Pines Gliderport, or from the viewing deck at Birch Aquarium’s Tide Pool Plaza.

Do you see more whales in the morning or afternoon?

One of the reasons that the morning time is the best time of day for whale watching has to do with weather and ocean conditions. The wind is a key player when it comes to smooth seas, and morning trips often have less wind.

Is San Diego good for whale watching?

Returns Mid-December 2022

San Diego ranks among the world’s most incredible places for viewing marine wildlife. During whale watching season, mid-December through April, more than 20,000 gray whales migrate along our coast.

Are there orcas in San Diego?

There is a significant population of orca whales living off the coast of San Diego. They don’t make themselves known very often, and they are quite spread out. Even so, whale watchers sight them every year, often while out seeing other, more frequently spotted species such as gray whales and bottlenose dolphins.

Is Shamu still at SeaWorld San Diego?

Shamu shows have been presented at the following SeaWorld parks: SeaWorld San Diego in California. SeaWorld Ohio (closed in 2000)

Shamu shows throughout the years.

Year Name
2017–Present Orca Encounter (San Diego 2017–Present, Orlando 2019-Present,San Antonio 2020–Present)

Does SeaWorld San Diego still do killer whale shows?

Killer whales at SeaWorld help killer whales in the wild

In 2016, SeaWorld announced that we were ending our killer whale breeding program and that the orcas in our care are the last generation at our park.

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